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Young Justice's Synopsis

Teenage superheroes strive to prove themselves as members of the Justice League.

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Channel ID3181
Alternate Titles
GenresAction, Adventure, Super Power
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Young Justice Episodes Subbed/Dubbed

Episode #Episode TitleAiring DateEnglish SubbedEnglish Dubbed
1Independence DayJanuary 7, 2011--Watch English Dubbed
2FireworksJanuary 14, 2011--Watch English Dubbed
3Welcome to Happy HarborJanuary 21, 2011--Watch English Dubbed
4Drop-ZoneJanuary 28, 2011--Watch English Dubbed
5SchooledFebruary 4, 2011--Watch English Dubbed
6InfiltratorFebruary 11, 2011--Watch English Dubbed
7DenialFebruary 18, 2011--Watch English Dubbed
8DowntimeMarch 4, 2011--Watch English Dubbed
9BereftMarch 11, 2011--Watch English Dubbed
10TargetsSeptember 16, 2011--Watch English Dubbed
11TerrorsSeptember 23, 2011--Watch English Dubbed
12HomefrontSeptember 30, 2011--Watch English Dubbed
13Alpha MaleOctober 7, 2011--Watch English Dubbed
14RevelationOctober 14, 2011--Watch English Dubbed
15HumanityOctober 21, 2011--Watch English Dubbed
16FailsafeNovember 4, 2011--Watch English Dubbed
17DisorderedNovember 11, 2011--Watch English Dubbed
18SecretsNovember 18, 2011--Watch English Dubbed
19MisplacedMarch 3, 2012--Watch English Dubbed
20ColdheartedMarch 10, 2012--Watch English Dubbed
21ImageMarch 17, 2012--Watch English Dubbed
22AgendasMarch 24, 2012--Watch English Dubbed
23InsecurityMarch 31, 2012--Watch English Dubbed
24PerformanceApril 7, 2012--Watch English Dubbed
25Usual SuspectsApril 14, 2012--Watch English Dubbed
26Auld AcquaintanceApril 21, 2012--Watch English Dubbed
27Happy New Year!April 28, 2012--Watch English Dubbed
28EarthlingsMay 5, 2012--Watch English Dubbed
29AlienatedMay 12, 2012--Watch English Dubbed
30SalvageMay 19, 2012--Watch English Dubbed
31BeneathMay 26, 2012--Watch English Dubbed
32BloodlineJune 2, 2012--Watch English Dubbed
33DepthsJune 9, 2012--Watch English Dubbed
34SatisfactionSeptember 29, 2012--Watch English Dubbed
35DarkestOctober 6, 2012--Watch English Dubbed
36Before the DawnJanuary 5, 2013--Watch English Dubbed
37CorneredJanuary 12, 2013--Watch English Dubbed
38True ColorsJanuary 19, 2013--Watch English Dubbed
39FixJanuary 26, 2013--Watch English Dubbed
40RunawaysFebruary 2, 2013--Watch English Dubbed
41WarFebruary 9, 2013--Watch English Dubbed
42ComplicationsFebruary 16, 2013--Watch English Dubbed
43The HuntFebruary 23, 2013--Watch English Dubbed
44InterventionMarch 2, 2013--Watch English Dubbed
45SummitMarch 9, 2013--Watch English Dubbed
46EndgameMarch 16, 2013----
47Episode 47------
48Episode 48------
49Episode 49------
50Episode 50------
51Episode 51------

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