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Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo's Synopsis

Bo Bobo is a man with the incredible power of hearing the voices of hair and using his own to fight. He uses his power to fight off the Margarita Empire and all of EmperorTsuru Tsuruiina's minions who are stealing the hair off of anyone they find to power up their emperor.

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Channel ID2560
Alternate Titles
GenresComedy, Martial Arts, Parody, SciFi
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Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo Episodes Subbed/Dubbed

Episode #Episode TitleAiring DateEnglish SubbedEnglish Dubbed
1Soul of the Hair (Sparkling)November 8, 2003--Watch English Dubbed
2Tears of the Hair (Sentimental)November 15, 2003--Watch English Dubbed
326-Year Old Duck UnderwearNovember 22, 2003--Watch English Dubbed
4Bababa-ba Ba-baba (The Great King Nosehair)November 29, 2003--Watch English Dubbed
5Sushi and Bunny Girl? Secret Attack! Tea Monster Beam!!December 6, 2003--Watch English Dubbed
6The must-fear Extreme Study ultimate technique true fist of the Soumen - KonnichiwaDecember 13, 2003--Watch English Dubbed
7The 10th Miss Chicken Queen Niwako and the Mysterious Guard SoftonDecember 13, 2003--Watch English Dubbed
8The Released Soul is...Piro-Piro-Piro-Piro-Pirochi!January 10, 2004--Watch English Dubbed
9The Mysterious Boy's True Form and Fart Shinken! Eat Asparagus!January 17, 2004--Watch English Dubbed
10Protect! The Earth's Environment The Password is Fart Puppu- There's No Smell !January 24, 2004--Watch English Dubbed
11Betrayal and Greed of 'The Crane's Gratitude' The Passage is VE~RY!January 31, 2004--Watch English Dubbed
12The Strong Enemy That Jiggles Appears! His Name is Tokoro TennosukeFebruary 7, 2004--Watch English Dubbed
13Enraged Snapshot! 24-Hour Amusement Park: The Revealed Black Curtain!February 14, 2004--Watch English Dubbed
14Marriage in the Haunted House: Mama, Papa and Me Will Be Very HappyFebruary 21, 2004--Watch English Dubbed
15Secret of Purupuru Shinken! Tokoroten Gun Explosion! But There's no Tas~teFebruary 28, 2004--Watch English Dubbed
16Farewell My Greatest Enemy: Tokoro Tennosuke! Good Evening My New Enemy: Dengakuman!March 6, 2004--Watch English Dubbed
17Regent vs Afro: The Eternal Rival's Pure-Hearted School!March 13, 2004--Watch English Dubbed
18Infiltration! Gunkan's Stronghold: The Great Spy Operation!March 20, 2004--Watch English Dubbed
19The entangled nose hair of destiny! who will pass the testMarch 20, 2004--Watch English Dubbed
20World of blabs-a-lot - the sappiest place on earthApril 3, 2004--Watch English Dubbed
21Good-bye bo-bobo! the final showdownMay 1, 2004--Watch English Dubbed
22Hatenko the hunk has the key to your heart!May 15, 2004--Watch English Dubbed
23Weddings, wiggin's, and water tortureMay 29, 2004--Watch English Dubbed
24The terrifying z-block is here!June 5, 2004--Watch English Dubbed
25The New Bo-Bobo with the Old Bo-BoBody!June 12, 2004--Watch English Dubbed
26Dengaku man, pixie or pitbull - he'll love you or hate you!June 19, 2004--Watch English Dubbed
27Luck let a wiggin' see... how nice a hanky can be!July 10, 2004--Watch English Dubbed
28Mortal Match! Fist of Nose Hair vs.? Fist of Rice!July 17, 2004--Watch English Dubbed
29Bo-Bobo and Rice, Instant Rice, Ready in Half an Hour!July 24, 2004--Watch English Dubbed
30Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold with Shitake Mushroom SauceAugust 7, 2004--Watch English Dubbed
31The ultimate five assassins vs. bo-bobo all starsSeptember 4, 2004--Watch English Dubbed
32Enter bobopatchiggler! is that how it's spelledSeptember 4, 2004--Watch English Dubbed
33It ain't over 'til the fat lady sings!October 30, 2004--Watch English Dubbed
34Sorry for the Extremely Long Wait Everyone! Finally Introduced! Gyourai Girl!!November 6, 2004--Watch English Dubbed
35Gyourai Girl!! In the Name of the Earth, I'll Punish YouNovember 13, 2004--Watch English Dubbed
36Advance Departure to Hallelujah Land! Hell Up Ahead!November 20, 2004--Watch English Dubbed
37Great Rage at Hallelujah Land! Everyone's Become ChildrenNovember 27, 2004--Watch English Dubbed
38Start the Attack on Money Castle! But Let's Drop In On the Way!December 4, 2004--Watch English Dubbed
39Decisive Battle! The Three Prison-Murderer Brothers vs. Hajike Trio! Which Has Better Teamwork!December 11, 2004--Watch English Dubbed
40Overthrow Halekulani! And Afterwards Lets Take His MoneyJanuary 8, 2005--Watch English Dubbed
41Versus Halekulani and Gorgeous! See, Our Super Illusion!!January 15, 2005--Watch English Dubbed
42Fun Sugoroku Operation! Everyone Gets Service AltogetherJanuary 22, 2005--Watch English Dubbed
43Final Battle with Halekulani: The Final Conclusion...We Thought Until a New Enemy!January 29, 2005--Watch English Dubbed
44Call the Six Electric Brain Warriors! The Male Ballerina are Enchanting TooFebruary 5, 2005--Watch English Dubbed
45Invitation to the Depths of Hell! Decisive Sky Battle! Start the Bungee Battle!!February 12, 2005--Watch English Dubbed
46Messenger of Justice from the Darkness! Meet Female-Torpedo Teacher Gyorabe!!February 19, 2005--Watch English Dubbed
47Violent Sink-or-Swim Battle!! Onion-san comes TooFebruary 26, 2005--Watch English Dubbed
48Enter Magical Girl Denbo-chan! The Love Spell is Gabapapitch!March 5, 2005--Watch English Dubbed
49Extremely Difficult, IQ Battle Begins! Giga, Come and Get It~ !!March 12, 2005--Watch English Dubbed
50Enraged Seal: Super Giga Appears! We've Been Double-CrossedMarch 19, 2005--Watch English Dubbed
51Art Power vs. Nosehair Soul! Eat This! Hajike Trio Burning Fist!!March 26, 2005--Watch English Dubbed
52Welcome Back, He-ken A New Journey is Starting, Starting ! / The New Enemy Has Come! Bridge-Top Death Match!!April 9, 2005--Watch English Dubbed
53Everyone Power Up! The New Costume is 582 Yen / The Enemy is Our Horrible Ancestor? Even The Power-Up Is Useless!!April 16, 2005--Watch English Dubbed
54Let's Go Super Bo-bobo! Demonstrate Your Love Power / Euphoric Battle in the Flower Garden! The Smell of Flowers is the Smell of DeathApril 23, 2005--Watch English Dubbed
55Welcome Back Hatenko Factions Made and Allies Split!? / Advancing Wildly Gadget-kun! Thrusting Away Both Enemies and Allies!!April 30, 2005--Watch English Dubbed
56Dress Change and Decisive Sci-Fi Battle! See! Our New Trio!! / Impossibly Predicted World Tour! The Love-Love Wagon is Now Departing!!May 7, 2005--Watch English Dubbed
57Hell Water Slider! The Enemy! Swishing Sunfish to Swimsuit Gals! / Love-Love Torpedo-sensei Assault! I Won't Forgive Joking Guys!!May 14, 2005--Watch English Dubbed
58Ice-Top Machine Battle! The Great Fierce Battle With No Rules! / The Penalty Game is on Ice But Its Cold Baby-!!May 21, 2005--Watch English Dubbed
59Wiggin' Fusion PatchBobo! The Gachinko Battle Without Foolishness! / Fierce Fight! Love Triangle!! Euphoric Merry-Go-Round Battle!May 28, 2005--Watch English Dubbed
60The Destined Three Alternatives! A Good World, a Bad Heaven, a Normal Hell! / Rice, the Noble Youth of Rice, Visits! Great Free-For-All of Enemies andJune 4, 2005--Watch English Dubbed
61Full-Throttle Ultra Service!! See Make the Most of The Beautiful Figure! / Mythical Beasts vs. Don Patch!! Even Dataless, Brace Yourself Goemon!!June 11, 2005--Watch English Dubbed
62Here's the Country of Death, the Country of Dreams! Sleep, Sleep, Re-m Rem / Deciding Battle! Rem Sleep World!! Everyone Get Together and Don't OverslJune 18, 2005--Watch English Dubbed
63Now, Rem's Past is Exposed! A Story of Tearful Emotion(^^;) / Strong Enemy Lambada vs. Power of the Black Sun! Sent Back Four Times Yet a Slight CountJune 25, 2005--Watch English Dubbed
64Polygons are a Bitch!! Both Dancing and Beautifully Formed High Spirits! / Retro Game Counterattack(^0^) Great Difference for Victory in Seeing and DoJuly 2, 2005--Watch English Dubbed
65Fierce Oden Deathmatch! Bo-bobo vs. Hanpen!! / Shock! Power of Hanpen Fist!! The Dawn of Hanpen is Near!"July 9, 2005--Watch English Dubbed
66The Side Dish is Bright(^0^) Thanks for the Cheap Bento / My Name is TenBobo! I Hate Fighting(^o^)July 16, 2005--Watch English Dubbed
67Incredibly Strong! Meet the Callously Heartles Hero!! / Open the Devil's Door...! The Dark Emperor Finally Appears!!July 30, 2005--Watch English Dubbed
68Announcement! Popularity Contest!! Who's in First Me / OVER vs. the 3rd vs. Bo-bobo! Three-Way Decisive Playoff of the Evil Secrets!!August 6, 2005--Watch English Dubbed
69Menace! Red and Blue Shinken!! Vs. Afro Golden Troop!! / The Terrible Body from Drinking Bo-bobo! A Strong Showboy for Those That Have Seen!!August 20, 2005--Watch English Dubbed
70Finally Concluded! Crushing Czar Baldy Bald the 3rd!! / Curtain Raising! New Emperor Playoffs!! Bo-bobo Troop's Raid!!August 27, 2005--Watch English Dubbed
71Beauty's Close Call! Though I'm Alone, I Fight!! / Delicious Then Lose! In Search of the World's Greatest Ramen!!September 17, 2005--Watch English Dubbed
72Start! Batch Contest!! The Gold Batch is Proof of the Strong Ones! / Swiftly Run! Bo-bobo TV Channel! It's Here The Meanacing Ratings!!September 24, 2005--Watch English Dubbed
73Batch Contest Battle Royal!! Desired Character Dream Match! / Samba DE Bo-bobo! Demon to Yamamba to Sambaman!October 1, 2005--Watch English Dubbed
74The Battle Stage is an Immense He-Kun! Invoke Baby Mode!! / Transform! Angry DoDoDoDoDoDon Patch!!October 8, 2005--Watch English Dubbed
75Rushing to the Final Decisive Battle! Enter the Life-Sacrificing Clock Board!! / Angry Super Bo-bobo! Enter the Counterattack of Bears in the Huge NosOctober 22, 2005--Watch English Dubbed
76Calling Super Denbo!! Countdown to Love and Peace! / The Final Showdown at Last!! Fist of Nosehair FOREVER!!October 29, 2005--Watch English Dubbed

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