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Wagaya No Oinari-sama Episode 13 English Subbed

"Oinari-sama. Becomes A High School Girl"

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Uploaded by: mralex 3 years ago
Video Site: Dailymotion
Language: Subbed
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Top Rated Comments

love this serie is so FUNNY and still serious :)

beside i love foxes :)

5 years ago

What People Are Saying


that eye contact part LOL
that singer girl was so obvious, & 1question, is she even Human? cause she seem to know that ha has a sentinel & a fox with him, i sense that she is a spirit like Kuu-chan

1 year ago


why can't they make tama and kuu both permanently male they look better when their male XDD

3 years ago


love this serie is so FUNNY and still serious :)

beside i love foxes :)

5 years ago

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