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Shingeki no Kyojin Episode 13

"Primal Desires: Battle of Trost District, Part 9"

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Uploaded by: LordK 4 years ago
Video Site: MP4Upload
Language: Subbed
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Top Rated Comments

for people who didn't understand, this week episode is episode 13.5, so go back to list and choose it ;)


4 years ago

I'm a bit disappointed in the word choice they decided to use in the final scene where Eren gives his answer..

in the manga, he says, "I wanna KILL THEM ALL DEAD!"
but here, he says, "I wanna slaughter the Titans!"

the unorthodox way he worded his answer in the manga give me the feeling that he was so furious that he coudn't even enunciate proper grammer.

4 years ago

What People Are Saying


the recap was way too long. took up a lot of valuable time

11 months ago


when he striked the boulder into the wall i started saying "what if he ended up destroying the wall rather than blocking it?" xD

2 years ago


two things. 1. The intro is incredibly too long. They don't need to recap everything in the beginning. Takes up way too much time. 2. Levi is freaking awesome!! Easily the most badass character in the entire show (except maybe Mikasa).

2 years ago


Kill them Titans Eren!!!
I want titan powers tooo!! x3

2 years ago


Is it just me or is this Levi guy really short or something? Still hot tho.

2 years ago


Well for your info, its not rivaille, its LEVI!

3 years ago


Rivaille is my favorite character in this anime. He's so badass!

3 years ago


would of been funny if the whole wall collapsed when he smacked the bolder on the hole

3 years ago


rewatching makes me even more curious like why is she saying im sorry..rewatchers will know what i mean

3 years ago


...And the english dub ends right before my favorite episode. Damn...

3 years ago


@PoLtErGeiSt They just came back from a surveying mission. Cuz that's what they do. They survey unch