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Mirai Nikki Episode 11 English Subbed (Rutube Video)

"Termination of Service"

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Uploaded by: lool123 5 years ago
Video Site: Rutube
Language: Subbed
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Top Rated Comments

Good job Yukki you got a kill >:D
Yuno potty time, too cute X3
ROFL when 9th appeared in the hospital, that scene was too funny XD
Mur Mur master of disguise and great acting by Nishijima XD

5 years ago


5 years ago

What People Are Saying


So Yukki finally man up and killed someone xD Everything in this episode was so serious and then 9th appeared I couldn't stop laughing in dat hospital scene xD I guess 9th can be cute sometimes :3

2 years ago


Oh come on.. If I am in Yuuki's position, I can easily take the officer down. I mean, there's only one bullet in the revolver so before he fires that do something. And reloading a revolver is slow because you have to put the bullets one by one (unless you got a whole pack).

2 years ago


That Murmur and her doings ahha

2 years ago


Ninth or Uryuu Minene is always so funny even though it's a serious situation XD

2 years ago


I don't give a fuck!!! xD

3 years ago


yukki first kill

3 years ago