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Inazuma Eleven Go Episode 12 English Subbed ( Video)

"The Avatar's Miracle! Mannouzaka Jr. High!!"

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Top Rated Comments

why is no one really watching this great series????

6 years ago

Why would you want to hate the soccer team.I think raimon is the coolest team.thi is the best anime i ever watched.

5 years ago

What People Are Saying


Finally Tsurugi play real soccer. How good that his eyes opened. I hope they win this match.

3 years ago


yup original inazuma was way more cool
but we probably feel so because this seies is still gaining momentum
what follows may be even better :)

3 years ago


I will stick with this because I enjoyed Inazuma Elevenm, but I have to say, I can't stand this team. To call them wimps would be an insult to wimps everywhere. The only way this can possibly improve for me is to get rid of the dead weight and bring in people with BALLS!! Pun intended.

4 years ago


Come on Man The Ond Inazuma Was Way More Cool!

4 years ago