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Highschool of the Dead Episode 3 English Subbed ( Video)

"Democracy Under the Dead"

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Top Rated Comments

The U.S. is fine, Chuck Norris is there :D

5 years ago

Japan is fine. Godzilla is there

4 years ago

What People Are Saying


For the english news cast that was actually good English from the sub o.o that surprised me.

7 months ago


i wonder whats up with Rei, why dose she hates that teacher? i know he is an asshole, but only we who watch it have seen hes asshole side, did he rape her? or did he just hit on her with inappropriate way, like try'd to touche her, they better explain it later

3 years ago


The zombie bit Chuck norris, the zombie became chuck norris

3 years ago


Sri Lanka Is Fine They Have Tea

3 years ago