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Golden Time Episode 13

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Uploaded by: LordK 3 years ago
Video Site: MP4Upload
Language: Subbed
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Top Rated Comments

hahaha ghost evil banri in the background pulling strings haha making it rain jjejejeje...when he said i will curse haha i was like WHOA aint taking no for an answer huh..."hey hey hey hey..ahoy ahoy ahoy"
that dance though haha was amazing it was funny..
koko attempt to fool banri with her cookin failed badly hehe..loved the episode it was awesome BUT somehow it has a different feel..just me?....
YES 2D-KUN next episode finally

3 years ago

YES Real Banri!!! MAKE IT RAIN PAIN!!!! Linda X Banri FTW

3 years ago

What People Are Saying


Damn this all of the video won't work fuck!

3 months ago


i want Ghost Banri to disappear but Banri x Linda is the right answer

9 months ago


That Ghost Tho LOL

1 year ago


Well this is a first for me. Seeing a character become a ghost and then cursing himself.
Hhahah that dance and that air yakisoba, hhaha LOL!

2 years ago


Fvck you ghost! Just go and disappear

2 years ago


The opening's like 85% grand build up. It was over before I even noticed. The violin and piano were just competing and almost neglecting the vocals. Or maybe that's just cause I recently finished Shigatsu = | Anyway, yays~ for curses.

2 years ago


f@ck Ghost Banri just disappear :v