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Originally Posted by Vermilion View Post
If you ask a question which entails no discussion, you are violating forum rules. If you intended no actual discussion to occur here, this should have been posted in the forum games section.

I called you uneducated in the matter because you were clearly uneducated in the matter..?

This isn't an opinion. You can have an opinion about the existence of things you can't see, but that opinion has nothing to do with their actual state of existence. Adding "what do you think?" to an objective question doesn't make it not an objective question, you know -.-

Uh... One more thing... "...lack of knowing what an opinion is..."? That statement hurt to read. Try wording things a little more eloquently next time.


And I quote:


Oh my god, you guys. My head, it's killing me. There's too much circular logic and belief bias in their arguments... My rational thought processes are struggling to comprehend how to best deal with this situation without blatantly insulting them. Oh my god, you guys~

Which, contrary to what you might think the inclusion of "I believe" does to a statement, is incorrect. That isn't an opinion. It's untrue. It can be proved to be untrue. If you can find a single goddamn thing to which science has no relation, I will kiss your ass.

Oh, I accept the fact that it's a possibility. However, faced with absolutely no evidence to support it's existence, I am forced to say that it does not exist until evidence is found which suggests otherwise.
I realized you have "some" issues, anyhow. Now that I think about it the last sentence in the OP post is basically doing what it you says it does. But it's not what I had in mind. I will remove that part. You have yet to give solid evidence that I labelled someone as being ignorant just because they disagree with the current question asked.

As I stated before what your talking about are arguments about individuals who with different belief system. They said they don't consider themselves ignorant because they don't believe it exists and since science can't prove its existence they deny it correct? So that is a form of ignorance. You know its out there but since you yourself have not seen it nor can you reproduce the scenario to test it they deny it. Is that labelling them as ignorant? Is that what your talking about? I was sure this was a thread about why people behave ignorant to things un-explained even if your mentally aware or not.

I would say they behaviour toward the subject in questioning is valid is it not? So that means it is in the range of "ignorance"? IF not why is it not ignorance? That is clearly similarities of ignorance.
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