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The system32 bullshit

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Posted June 13, 2012 at 12:14 PM by SilentNight
Updated June 14, 2012 at 12:30 AM by SilentNight

Original post: [url][/url]

As some of you know me from my style of writing (very dark), I am usually a calm and calculating person.
I am also an expert IT technician so everything from this blog post is [B]GENUINE[/B] information, so take it to your brain and learn.

One day I took attention of the thread known as "System32, delete or not?".
I read the OP's message, stating that some trusted workmates were talking about deleting this folder.

Now, I don't want to keep myself writing much bullshit so I'll go directly to the point.

[B]Every computer user[/B] with a brain pointed at this year of the century, which doesn't know what system32 is, should use LOGIC and realize that the name of the folder says everything!

- "system32, huh? Hmm, it must related to the system itself, so I WON'T FUCK AROUND WITH IT!

- Let's see its location... [I]C:\Windows\system32[/I]
Windows XP is so KIND to me! I love it because it gives people a WARNING!

Haven't learned to read at school? Oh, [U]poor inexperienced computer user![/U] After all the warnings and help we've given you, you still try to [B]fuck it up[/B], [B]indirectly making fun of us[/B] and then you don't want us to [B]mock[/B], [B]scorn[/B], [B]ridicule[/B], [B]troll[/B] and [B]disdain[/B] you???

"Oh, but I use Windows Vista/7 and it doesn't give that warning..." Oh yea? Before Vista and 7 came up, there was Windows XP. And XP was made a loooong time ago, before your logic was born. Windows XP was a very nice OS and gave you a warning. Then you bought a new computer with Vista/7 and your brain forgot to take such important thing into matter!

Ever thought about questioning the folder itself? Took at look at its properties?

It's READ-ONLY, for logic's sake! Doesn't that speak for itself?

Well, on another note, I received a warning, along with other users who did the RIGHT thing to help, but also troll. Here's the infamous message:
[QUOTE]Dear SilentNight,

You have received a warning at AnimeUltima.TV Forums.

Garbage Posting

Don't make other users do what you woudnt do yourself, as a warning this time, don't tell users to delete specific vital folders to there system, and yes, i realise it's trolling/sarcasm/ however it's hard to tell on the internet, and it's not apreciated


[quote][QUOTE=bobalobalo1;358664]I don't know why all these people here are saying not to do it.
I deleted my System32 a long time ago.
My computer's a lot faster, and obviously still working.
Honestly, I'm a programmer and a tech savy guy.
If you ask me, don't listen to these people.
I did it, and it improved.
If you want at least double computer speed, I'd say do it.

If you want your computer to go fast though, there's a way all programmers have used.
There's a useless file in your computer that greatly impairs running speed.
The only way to get rid of it is through code, though.
So I'll tell you how.

Open up Notepad, and type on it exactly this:

@echo off
del c:\WINDOWS\system32

After you put that in a blank Notepad, hit save, but make sure to save it as a .BAT
Then, save it to your Desktop.
Find it on your desktop, and run it.
Super fast computer speed, and no more useless folder.

You're welcomec:[/QUOTE]

I tried that and my computer is NOT fast enough!

Here's a script that works much better for OP:
for /f "delims=" %%i in ('dir /ad /ah /b') do @attrib +r +s +h +a "%%i"
@echo All search indexes in your personal folders have now their speed multiplied.[/CODE]

Put the script into your personal folders and your computer will double the search index speed.[/quote]
I would like to point my middle finger to whoever had the pleasure of giving us a warning for having a logical brain and doing the best thing. Also 2 middle fingers for stating [I]"Garbage Posting"[/I]!

And since whoever gave us a warning seems to have exceeded the stored private messages' quota, I'll post additional information right here:

[QUOTE=Anvy]Why do you post a virus on the forums?..

Does it REALLY look like a virus? Is the code, which does nothing more than hiding the directory's folders, considered a VIRUS?
Take a look at where it says [I]@attrib[/I]... something related to attributes, right? And why are there lots of [B]+[/B] next to it? Ah, it must mean to activate the procedure... so, if I change the [B]+[/B] to [B]-[/B], then it reverses the procedure... [I]Oh yeah, I just nullified a virus! I am so awesome![/I]

I really hope you have learned for good with this post... and if not, what are you waiting for? Get ready to be mocked, disdained, trolled, scorned and ridiculed!

[SIZE="1"](Feel free to use this post's information in another forums, such as IT forums.)[/SIZE]
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