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Still alive, at least on the outside...

Posted 3 Hours Ago at 06:44 AM by Mladen
Updated 46 Minutes Ago at 09:16 AM by Mladen

Hey guys, remember me?! I didn't leave... or die... It's just that my internet provider is the biggest piece of shit that ever existed and left me without the internet for almost two freaking months!!!

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10 FAKE Foods YOU Eat!

Posted 3 Days Ago at 12:46 PM by Ibex

This relates mostly to those in USA and the UK.

Just a heads up if you ever decide to eat rice, it might be plastic :P
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Baka TiongHwi ><

Posted 4 Days Ago at 04:06 AM by TiongHwi (of Anything & Randomness)

Just as how i spend ages debating with my inner being on the pros and cons of getting something, it is always an inconclusive 'battle'.

Well, a battle prolonged might as well be called a 'war' (for example the iPad debate started a few years ago - exactly which year i have no idea). Its probably still a stalemate until that resurfaces again.

Oh well. This round its not about PS4, iPad. but rather about the pros and cons of powerlevelling. For me i pretty much prefer...
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Too Late...

Posted 6 Days Ago at 08:14 AM by TiongHwi (of Anything & Randomness)

...that my internet only got around to getting a WiFi connection in my own house, believe it or not (earlier in the evening for the best part of like, four to five hours it was not - ISP's end) only now

but as it turns out, i hate to break it to you guys with a lot of salt - im leaving you folks with this

Hope that you like the song and goodnight.
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Millhi DropOut...

Posted 1 Week Ago at 01:26 AM by eccentrich (Science Fiction & Fantasy books, etc.)

This blog entry is, um, related to Millhi's recent announcement. (Any resemblance to actual people or events is entirely coincidental.)

First let me state, in all seriousness, that I think Millhi has done a fine job, displaying a great deal of grace and tact in a difficult task. He will be missed, and not just because my aim is terrible.

Now that he has been buttered up a bit, it's time to roast him a little:

Drawing upon my vast...
Master Paladin
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