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kefka vs sephiroth

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Posted April 8, 2012 at 02:56 AM by dasmoose

this is strictly my personal opion on the matter. ok so i went to listen to dancing mad only to find 8 pages of comments over who is the better villain. to me it's all about who reached there goals which was kefka. he became god destroyed the world and remade it however the hell he wanted it to be remade where as sephiroth had wanted to become god and was stopped before he could do so not to mention both had lost there minds and where basically insane (kefka more so then sephiroth) kefka did things directly where sephiroth beat around the bush and had others do it for him. kefka succeed in most things he did through out the game and the only thing sephiroth accomplished was getting the black materia. kefka even made a tower out of fragments of the old world and killed anyone who spoke ill of him from said tower and even gained a cult following in the game where they worshiped him like the god he was and with those points i believe kefka completely demolished sephiroth.
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  1. Old Comment
    OldGrumpyBear's Avatar
    I tend to agree with you. ^_^

    Sephiroth wasn't as deep of a villain as Kefka (therein lies the problem with the entire FF7 game). Kefka had power...not muscular power or martial power, but political power! He had clear-cut ambition, and he had a ruthless streak that was accented by comedic moments LOL. Overall, he was a more enjoyable villain.

    Sephiroth was no slouch, granted. Still, he was less of an opponent and more of a natural disaster :P
    Posted April 8, 2012 at 06:10 AM by OldGrumpyBear OldGrumpyBear is offline
  2. Old Comment
    exactly its all because he's a pretty boy and kefka's a clown T_T i like clowns...but most people are afraid of them.
    Posted April 8, 2012 at 07:19 AM by dasmoose dasmoose is offline
  3. Old Comment
    Kensei_Hisagi_96's Avatar
    Technically, Kefka didnt destroy the world or really became a god able to destroy and recreate everything. He just became a tyrant who absorbed a bunch of magic and hid up in his tower until the party came to kick his ass lol. Humanity survived along with the earth's surface and he was still killable. He also had very little depth in my opinion and often came off as annoying rather than funny or even dimensional and thus was difficult for me to take seriously. So he was a mad mage. Big whoop. Sephiroth was both a warrior and master magician and unlike kefka, was so strong from the start, he couldnt be harmed until the end of the game. Even being stabbed in the crisis core story barely harmed him. whereas kefka was rounted several times and didnt become strong until he stole the warring triad and fused with them. I mean did they even give kefa a backstory like sephiroth? no. All we got was Celes saying the emperor created him somehow and he went nuts...-_-unless the remake of ff 6 added something in which i never played. Oh he can make projections of himself with no explanation...yeah thats original. And no, he did not do things by himself. He stole magic from captured espers rather than relying on his own and sent magitech soldiers infused with the magic to conquer towns. Only when they failed, did he hit the front lines. Sephiroth was different and much more compelling.

    In the beginning, Sephiroth was a hero and the greatest soldier who ever lived who found out about his origins THEN went nuts. We actually knew how he was created: A human child mutated as a baby by jenova cells into the personification of calamity. Sephiroth's plan was beyond kefka's and thats why it wasnt allowed to happen since it was to completely destroy all life and the planet, then use it as his shell to destroy other planets across the universe. His goal wasnt to become a god, it was to become something greater: An anti-life force. Like the dark planet from The Fifth Element. His essense merged with the lifestream and thus he was able to remanifest himself from nothing but energy twice. Both times, he caused planetary disaster, the WEAPONS to be unleashed and a meteor to fall, which, though destroyed, still devastated the earth's surface just like kefka. He like kefka also gained cloaked followers. You know, it was called the REUNION lol where all the soldiers gathered at northern cave. Sephiroth could summon cosmic forces like the meteor and super nova and kefka couldnt. He died three times and was still able to manifest himself due to his essence surviving in the lifestream. Kefka could do no such thing.

    Sephiroth also killed Aerith, a main heroine of ff 7, unlike leo who was a side character of ff 6, and thus immortalized himself as one of the most evil and badass bastards in video game history. His theme song one-winged angel was also much more epic and intimidating than dancing mad and his long hair and sword are iconic. All many fans can remember of kefka is that he was an annoying, evil clown lol. I only really liked him in the final battle with his final form and music.
    Posted April 8, 2012 at 07:22 AM by Kensei_Hisagi_96 Kensei_Hisagi_96 is offline
    Updated April 8, 2012 at 07:42 AM by Kensei_Hisagi_96

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